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This campaign is created by me for the sole purpose of gaming. It shall include a variety of things as times goes on, including rules, unique stories, hidden subplots, characters, factions, npcs, quests, and all manners of things. Should be a fun ride, so let’s get started.

Shattered Kingdoms if a 4e D&D world though it can be adapted to almost any rule-set with a little work. The one notable exception to this rule is in regards to mounted combat. In a effort to make mounted combat far more interesting I will be dragging from GURPS, D&D, old AD&D rules, as well as various miniature rules involving War hammer fantasy. The goal being a simple system with multiple layers of choices built in.

Shattered Kingdoms is a world set in high fantasy. The current age is known as the Age of Shadows. Two hundred years ago the family line of Caius Octavius Spurinus crushed the various kingdoms of the land and united them under a single banner. This became known as the Crimson Empire. The Crimson Empire has fallen, various warlords have risen each seeking to forge their own Kingdoms.

The players enter as mercenaries hired to lead a dangerous raid into the border lands of Duke Edward Velchner.

Main Page

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